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Don has been joyfully teaching realistic drawing through Bible themes to students throughout southern and mid-Michigan for the past 20 years.  The classes meet once a month, for three hours, and resemble an old-fashioned one-room schoolhouse.  The classes are held at many different locations in Michigan.


If you are interested in finding out more information regarding the classes, please call Christian Art for Kids at 1-800-ART-0033 or email us at



"I would absolutely LOVE to tell you my first impression three years ago of the art projects my oldest two kids brought home from their first class with Mr. West! I was not there, another mom took them with her child with my permission. When they came home, my 7-year-old son (who I never considered especially artistic) showed me this lovely picture of a lighthouse on rocks, the beam of light piercing through the gloom of the storm. "Oh, that's nice, sweetie!" I said. "Is this what you copied?" (thinking it was the example for the students to follow) My daughter chimed in, "Oh, no, mom. That is his picture." What. What? THIS? My son did THIS??? I was shocked. We have gotten each of them a binder to store their art because their projects continue to amaze us with their ability to learn the techniques Mr. West describes. Our third is now old enough to attend, and after the first class he reminded me that he needed his binder to keep his art! What a delight to see my children bringing home proof that this is not some simplistic art class! It is said that the genius makes the complex simple. I would say that is EXACTLY what happens in his classes --which is why, when you have the opportunity to observe a class in action,  you will see 7-year-olds to 17-year-olds all busy, you will hear the chatter of creativity, and you will smell the excitement of the students."  - Becky M

"I love to tell new friends about Mr. West's art class.  It has something for every type of  student.   Mr. West gives the students challenging and beautiful projects that they can accomplish step by step.  This step by step method helps students to focus on one task and then to take a break and run up to his table for feedback and encouragement.  There is constant movement and activity for those that need to get up and move around.  For the child who likes to sit and focus for longer - they are able to sit quietly and focus on their work.  Mr. West sprinkles the lesson with words of encouragement for each student and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ for the mighty things He has done and is doing all the time.  I could not choose a more inspirational or flexible learning environment for our children."  - Krista W

"Don is an outstanding teacher! I am amazed at how he can teach anyone how to draw. At class last week, some of the moms were talking about how our kids had no interest or talent in art until they took his class. We are amazed at the beautiful drawings they bring home each class!"  - Amanda D

"Mr. West is sort of like Peter Pan. When you go to his class, you find that you can do more than you ever thought possible. It's like flying, and he can teach you how!"  - Tedy B

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