Welcome to the Christian Art for Kids website!  Brother Don is a Christian artist and teacher and what that means to him is that he has dedicated his life and work to the Lord.  What's more important than his own work is teaching young (and young-at-heart) artists how to increase their drawing skills and dedicate their work to honor and glorify God.  

During this season, Mr. West is offering his art lessons online via a newly created “Christian Art for Kids Club”. The art club membership will be at the very affordable cost of $12.00 per month for the entire household!  The full access membership benefits will include:


  • One full new lesson per month, viewed on a private, commercial-free platform 

  • One mini bonus lesson each month 

  • Full and unlimited access to all archived lessons on the website 

  • 10% discount on the products in the forthcoming website store 

It is our vision to serve and offer the highest standard in products to the body of Christ at affordable prices.  The goal is to inspire and encourage families on a daily basis to seek the joy of the Lord

(John 10:10).



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